The Big Bathing is an ecological village of the ethnic culture of Huayao Dai in Longhe Village of Mosha Town, Xinping County, Yuxi City, Yunnan Province. With its front close to theupper reaches of the Red River and its back to the lofty Ailao Mountain, the Village is 67kilometres from Xinping County. In Dai language, “Bathing” means going to the flower fair, and going to the flower market is the Valentine’s Day of Huayao Dai. Therefore, the Big Bathing is a sacred place for love.
  〝The Big Bathing Village of Ecological Tourism of Huayao Dai Ethnic Culture〞is a natural village where a branch of Huayao Dai, Daiya people live in a compact communi...

    As a unique group of the Dai in China, Huayao Dai mainly resides in Xinping County, Yuxi City, Yunnan Province, which is situated at the foot of Ailao Mountain within the boundary of Yuanjiang County, in the subtropical river valleys on the banks of the Red River. As the Dai people in places like Sipsongbanna and Dehong, the earliest ancestors of Huayao dai are “ancient Yue People”.
    It is said, in ancient times, the Baiyue ethnic groups of ancient Dian State began to seek a more fertile place to live. In the migration team made up of tribes, one was of nobles. Because they were high-fed and loudly dressed, they moved forward slowly and lagged fa...

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Dr. Nelson Graburn, a world famous anthropologist appreciates our work of HuaYao Dai

  Dr. Nelson Graburn, a famous anthropologist who enjoys a global reputation, delivers his appreciation to our study of HuaYao Dai.
    Dr. Nelson Graburn, a well-known anthropologist, visited Yunnan on May 17, 2014. When Professor Qiu Xueqin, director of the research study of HuaYao Dai, told him about the study ou...>>

Dr. Nelson Graburn, a world famous anthropologist appreciates our website

   Dr. Nelson Graburn, Professor Emeritus of Socioculture Anthropology who has served more than 50 years at University of California, Berkley, also an exceptional anthropologist world-wide, enjoyed his day with our company in Kunming Arboretum on May 17, 2014. He sent his appreciation to our efforts of establishing and promoting the c...>>


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 We, Wang Yuanheng and Song Xiaoyu, are both volunteers and hobbyists of cultural exchange projects. We had a gold memory during our childhood. There is a village called Damuyu which locates on the Mosha Township, Xinping County, and Yuxi city in Yunnan province. We spent a lot of holidays and made friends there. 
With the encouragement of our parents, we took those friends in Damuyu to Kunming, the provincial capital of Yunnan, and lead them to experience abundant city life. We also organized some fellowship activities to help them to make friends with our classmates in Kunming. Based on aforementioned projects, we held a survey called ‘The comparison of the study habits between pupils in Damuyu and in Class 4, Grade 6, Yunnan normal university attached primary school. And the paper written by Song Xiaoyu won the first prize of the 24th Youth technological innovation ...